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Why is m.i.l.k.® Important?

Law enforcement states that in a missing child situation, rapidly distributing a current photo can be the difference between a fast recovery and a prolonged search . . . Unfortunately, most parents are not prepared for this type of crisis. In fact:

~ Over 2,000 children are reported missing every day ~
~ 40% of the parents of a missing child cannot immediately supply a current picture ~
~ 34% the of parents do not know their child’s correct weight, eye color or height ~


These statistics may sound outlandish, however, if you were placed in an emergency situation, could you instantly provide a current photo of your child along with vital statistics including height, weight, eye color, gender, date of birth, nick name, distinguishing marks and identifiers such as eye-glasses or contact lenses, braces on teeth, pierced ears and other unique physical attributes along with your contact information? The m.i.l.k. Digital ID contains all this important information.


Protect your most valuable assett – Your Children!


In addition to establishing an immediate means for locating and distributing this vital data, every 6 months the software reminds you to update the photo and identification information in your m.i.l.k. Digital IDs. This ensures that in the event of an emergency, the most current information is readily available.


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